Frequently Asked Questions

About ApyApp

ApyApp is a mobile application which automates retail by enabling checkoutless shopping and connects users to nearby shops which best serve their needs.

ApyApp brings you new customers, the app users who are directed to your store. Moreover, it reduces waiting time for all clients, allowing our users to shop privately, thus boosting customer satisfaction. Finally, we provide data and analytics including surveys and feedback, so you can constantly adjust and meet your clients needs. Learn more about our features.

Although we do process payments, ApyApps features go well beyond those of a PoS, and in fact this is one of our functions which is barely worth mentioning (learn more). Moreover, there are no additional PoS or money transfer fees.

Setting Up and Changing the Account

We do help every single partner store set up their account. In fact, we make the whole process quick and seamless for you - it takes a matter of minutes!

In order to add products, create a simple spreadsheet in Comma Separated Values format using our database template file. The template is available on You can also find a button to access the demo spreadsheet in your ApyApp in Administrator > Your Business > Product list template. You can identify product’s description, price (in cents), and some additional information. When you are ready, go to your business view in Administrator > Your Business and tap Add products in the top right corner of the screen and you will be asked to select a database files.
Depending on your database file size and your Internet connection speed, it may take up to a few seconds to upload your database. It will then take between a few seconds for the products to be available to your customers. Please note that we currently only support stable uploads of up to 99,999 products per batch. If you have over 99,999 products in your database, we suggest breaking down your database file into multiple batches and uploading them within a few minutes from each other. Otherwise, just get in touch with us and we will help you sort, clean, and upload your data. You are welcome to email us your spreadsheet to

ApyApp partners with Stripe to process payments and payouts. You can see the summary of your sales and payouts in your Stripe Dashboard. To access your Stripe Dashboard, go to Administrator > Your Business and tap on Payments dashboard. If you haven’t already confirmed your business details, you will be asked to fill in a short KYC (Know Your Customer). It will only take a minute. After that, you will be able to see sales and payouts and manage refunds.

You can instantly update your ACN, address, name or store logo within the app just by clicking on the details you wish to amend.

Discounts are not supported at the moment. You can change prices by uploading an updated product database. Sample database is available on Updated products will be available within seconds.

QR Codes

Once your business becomes a partner store, we provide you with the custom QR code in your welcome pack.

We encourage you to print and display your ApyApp QR code in multiple places all over your store.


We handle all the payments for you using the secure Stripe service. We transfer you the money for all the purchases ApyApp users make into your preferred business bank account.

The money received from ApyApp transactions do not take longer to reach your accounts than regular credit card purchases.

To process a refund, you will need to log into your store dashboard, select the transaction by user, date, or amount. You can then choose to create a partial or a full refund.

It is very unlikely that this ever happens, but in that case please contact us by phone or email and we will quickly fix the problem for you.

Your clients who want to pay with cash can not make the purchase using ApyApp and will need to go through regular checkout. They also enjoy reduced waiting times due to the fact that your clients who use ApyApp do not queue.

Fraud Prevention

In the early stages, we suggest that an employee performs random checks to people walking out of the store who paid using ApyApp.

When our users scan the QR code, they will be notified in which store they are shopping. They make sure that the name and address of your store match the ones on ApyApp.

As a self-checkout application, ApyApp is very strict about shoplifters and the purchasing rules are made very clear for all customers. Whenever a person leaves the shop with any item not scanned on ApyApp on the right store, it is considered theft and the applicable laws and protocol for shoplifting should be followed. As users will be well aware of this fact, and also considering that the purchases are transparent for all employees to see, shoplifters using ApyApp will be the same that would otherwise try to extract products in other ways, say by walking out of the store with concealed items they have not paid for. Finally, all people who have been red flagged for shoplifting will have their ApyApp account suspended.

Security and Data Policy

As an endorsed member of the Australian Computer Society, we are insured against all possible damages that may result from our digital activity, up to 20 million AUD as of today.

We use custom Machine Learning models (aka AI) to identify customers that have provided their identity details. In addition, we use AI to identify fraud and mitigate theft.

We carefully select industry’s best vendors to secure your data. We worked with Google, Amazon, and Stripe to ensure that both your financial and personal data are as secure as it can possibly be.