Go Beyond Scan&Go

Make your store checkoutless in minutes

"To grasp what ApyApp is about, think of the widespread adoption of credit card payments in all stores... Then, raise it to the fifth power."

- Team ApyApp

Progress has never been so easy

Allow your customers to shop in store by scanning purchases on their phones. Get new clients, connect better with your buyers, advertise promotions, recommend new products, pick up detailed analytics, feedbacks, surveys, and much more. All in one place.

The world is rapidly changing and new technology gets absorbed in our lives by the day. Your store is now just a few clicks away from its upgraded version, allowing checkout-less customers alongside traditional ones, decreasing waiting times, and getting all the data you need in order to prosper. From seeing sales soar to modernising your business, let's shape the future of shopping together!

Welcome your new clients

With so much more store capacity unleashed, you are ready to receive new shoppers. ApyApp features evolve rapidly and we are constantly finding new ways of expanding the visibility of our partner shops.

Happy customers
are your greatest ad

Let shoppers cherish your business which allows them to shop quickly and privately. People are uncomfortable with personal cashiers going through their whole shopping basket, in particular a whole range of items - from feminine hygiene to birth control products. Customers appreciate when you take seriously their basic privacy concerns.

Your business with a fresh image

Adopting ApyApp not only brings a technological advancement to your company, but it also reinvents its entire image with close to no effort. With less counters and personnel, QR codes all around the place, you save operating expenses and create a fresh environment. Do not neglect the cool factor.

Queues have no place in a modern world

Save your clients tons of time, while boosting your profits. With ApyApp users checking out products on their phones, queues shrink, waiting times go down even for non-users, and your sales grow. We do not want to allow even one potential customer run away scared from your store, when they see long queues where other people wait anxiously.

Effective smart promotions

Whenever you have items on sale, new products, or promotions in your store, you can advertise them in real time on ApyApp to visiting customers. We always take into account the preferences and needs of your clients and use only the most advanced artificial intelligence models so you can get the best value out of your ads.

Data starts talking
when you're ready to listen

We provide customer data and analytics including surveys and feedback, so you can constantly adjust your business model to fit your clients' needs and desires. All our data is collected openly and ethically from our users.

Get paid on time. Always.

Apyapp uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe has an excellent reputation for handling all transactions securely. We are stand proud and firm to a 100% guarantee that the money from all purchases gets to you. It never takes more time than a credit card transaction for our users' money to reach your accounts.

Application process made easy for you

We've made the process of registering your store incredibly simple. We just need some basic information to get started and you can become an ApyApp partner today. Our team is always ready to talk and answer all your questions.

Don't miss out on this.